About Charlie Sutcliffe X Vale Retail

ELX artist Charlie Sutcliffe and luxury outlet shopping pioneer Value Retail teamed up to create an impressive new sculpture for one of Value Retail’s new outlet centres.

Artists Skills

  • Sculpture
  • Design

Charlie's sculpture at once bears witness to his own creative gusto and accommodates the feel and principles of Value Retail itself. It is both fun and fantastical and its adjustable aspect make it perfectly transposable to any of the chain's multiple locations.

Felicia Gutmans, ELX Art

Challenge: Create an attractive sculpture for Value Retail that brightens up the space but also recalls its function as a shopping institution.

Epiphany: ELX Art commissioned the works from our artist Charlie Sutcliffe, whose sense of humour and playful designs fit perfectly into the atmosphere of a Value Retail space.

Output: Designed to be beautiful, preactical and modifiable, all elements of the sculpture were made from a substructure of fibre glass and wood and then overlaid in high gloss. The sculpture includes abstract elements, such as a stiletto heel and a handbag clasp, which add to its form.

Outcome: The work was designed to be adjustable, or made measure, and therefore allows for infinate variations. The nature of the design lends itself to community engagement and the work itself is entirely scaleable to the environment, or whichever of the Value Retail spaces, that houses it.