City & Guilds Copyright Seminar

In the spring of 2016, ELX Art hosted a series of seminars on Copyright laws, Intellectual Property and Social Media at City & Guilds School of Art in London, for the institution’s students, staff and management team.

Topics Covered

Copyright session flow:

  • Background
  • Copyright and the Artist
  • Art in the Commercial Landscape

Social Media session flow:

  • Background
  • Strengths and opportunities
  • Weaknesses and Threats
  • Using Social Media

Thanks to JB and ELX for organising the copyright and social media seminar. It was informative to both the students and the staff who attended and provided clear guidelines for the future.

Robin Mason, head of Fine Art at City and Guilds

Challenge: Copyright and social media are increasingly pressing issues in today’s digital world. It is essential that both established practitioners and young artists entering the market are informed about how these function and how they can be used beneficially.

Epiphany: Hold a seminar in one of London’s leading art schools to ensure that students, staff members and members of the leadership team have a full understanding of the function of copyright and social media, while also opening up the discussion as to their benefits.

Output: A series of seminars discussing the past, present and the possible future of art, digital media, copyright, social media and their contingents.

Outcome: An open discussion within an instructive environment, which brought to light some of the most essential aspects of the art world today and helped to generate aome ideas as to how they can be used most beneficially.