About The Dokhan Company X Jacob Wolff

ELX Art engineered the collaboration between ELX Artist Jacob Wolff and Dokhan Company, which specialises in Pietra Nova Marble inlay. The collaboration led to the creation of an exclusive Dokhan table, which will be be released later this year.

Artists Skills

  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Sculpture
  • Installation

Jacob’s interest in the process of production and manual intelligence made him the ideal candidate to create work exclusively for us on a one off Dokhan table.

The Dokhan Company

Challenge: Create a table which fuses the classicism and solidity of marble with a 21st century aesthetic.

Epiphany: Syncing the Dokhan company, which specialises in Pietra Dura marble inlay and Jacob Wolff, an ELX artist who works largely with spray paint on glass.

Output: The Dokhan company transferred Jacob’s design aesthetic onto a limited editition table by translating the graphic forms onto a marble surface.

Outcome: A truly unique table that retains the distinctive styles of both the Dokhan company and of Jacob Wolff, an arresting piece of furniture that is also a work of art.