About Ian

Ian is both an artist and the lead singer of swing/hip-hop band The Correspondents. Having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Ian is now London based and specialises in drawing, painting and animation.

Artists Skills

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Animation

Painter, animator and sometime pop star, Ian paints exquisite portraits with sensual, sensational and downright naughty erotica

Jean-Baptiste Leroux, ELX Art

Ian’s oeuvre is varied, ranging from family portraits to erotica, from oil paint to digital drawing. Nonetheless, regardless of the medium, the work shows what the artist describes as a “magnetic” pull towards portraiture. Ian also toys with notions of absence and presence, of people in their surroundings.

Ian exhibits his erotica and pornographic illustrations under the name RubiCANE (an anagram of IanBRUCE). In 2012, he published a silk-bound book which included verse and poetry contributions by 20 different authors alongside RubiCANE.