Interconnection Models X Christopher Hsueh X Anderson Chen

ELX Art helped model scouting and placement agency Interconnection Models redefine their brand identity. ELX sourced communications designers Christopher Hsueh and Anderson Chen, to create bespoke fonts for the company’s name, a logo and a trademark visual for their brand.

Project Features

  • Logo design
  • Typography
  • Graphic design

We were very pleased with the outcome of this collaboration. A lot of great work was put into the project and the visuals that came out of it are both cool and in tow with the brand identity we were targeting!

André Barzaghi, Interconnection Models co-founder

Challenge: To create a brand identity that fully corresponds with Interconnection Models- sleek, modern and vibrant.

Epiphany: ELX chose Christopher Hsueh and Anderson Chen for their urban cool and energy-infued aesthetics, to create dynamic visuals for the agency’s website and look.

Output: A new logo, new website, new business cards, new typography: an all-round fresh new brand.

Outcome: A striking set of visuals that sets Interconnection Agencies apart from the crowd, with a professional and captivating effect.