About Jerome

Jerome was born in Paris is 1988 and is currently London- based. He graduated with an MA in Architecture (Merit) from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in 2012 and a Postraduate Diploma from University of Westminster in 2016.

Artists Skills

  • Architecture
  • Model-making
  • Drawing

Jerome's drawings are endowed with a striking sense of place and atmosphere that elevates his work from pure architectural drawings to evidence of a time, a place and a feeling.

Felicia Gutmans, ELX Art

Jerome has led several architecture workshops throughout London, UK, and has had experience working as an architectural assistant in Mumbai, India. Jerome currently works as an architectural project leader in a London firm.

Among his most beautiful works remain Jerome’s hand-drawn etchings of buildings and landscapes, some of which are featured here, that resemble both technical drawings and atmospheric sketches. Jerome is also interested in architecture theory and history and climate change.