NBA X ELX Art's Rene Gonzalez

For the 2017 NBA Europe Live American Airlines VIP Party, we were asked to come up with an idea that would drive attendees to take a selfie with a relevant background about the NBA x American Airlines partnership.

Working with Rene Gonzalez, a fine art painter with a street art background, we were able to imagine a large scale mural with a central point that would be “selfie-ready”!

The work sparked media interest, numerous selfies and was a taking point for the event. The artist was invited and had the opportunity to explain his work and process.

Features of Project

  • Street Art
  • Large Mural
  • Painting
  • Partnership

Working with ELX gave me the the confidence to execute the piece in a record time while being knowing that I was responding to the NBA's specific needs.

Rene Gonzalez, Artist

Challenge: Ensure NBA x AA VIP attendees want to capture a selfie

Epiphany: Street art x fine art combining the key themes of the game and American Airline’s sponsorship

Output:  A large format 4m x 3m artwork featuring both brands with a central selfie focus.

Outcome: Media attention, 300+ selfies and an artwork for the American Airlines HQ.