Suzuki Art Project 2016

Featuring ELX Artists Jacob Wolff and Will Gallia
With special thanks to our friends at Red Brick Road for making it possible

Two ELX Artist, Jacob Wolff and Will Gallia, teamed up to create a fantastic piee of interactive digital art, in association with integrated creative agency the Red Brick Road, for Suzuki’s latest car, the Swift SZ-L.

The resulting installation and projection was programmed to react to the car’s movements, lights and sounds making for a truly immersive live art performance piece.

The viewer partakes in a multi-faceted experience where art and technology merge seamlessly; a veritable conversation between human and machine.

Artists Skills

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Art
  • Interactive Art
  • Immersive Installation

Looks great dude. Everyone was very happy here and the client too.

Baz Williamson, Art Director at Red Brick Road, Integrated Creative Agency

Challenge: Create a visual idea that met the Suzuki brief: “Surprising stories that makes you see things differently”.

Epiphany: Create a 3D Art Performance out of the 2D brand identity

Output: ELX sourced two innovative artists whose work embodied a similar aesthetics to the Swift SZ-L. Jacob Wolff, a fine artist, and Will Gallia a digital artist and programmer, came together to create a 3D world for the brand.

One day in a Dalston Studio, the Artists and Creative Team came together to create a unique art performance that was captured on camera. This was not animation or post production, it was real and it was live.

Outcome: With Suzuki and integrated creative agency Red Brick Road, ELX Art was able to push the boundaries of contemporary art-tech collaborations. The authenticity of the work is what makes it so surprising and impactful. Phase 1 of the campaign generated 115,000 views.