Unleash X ELX Art

Founded in 2011, Unleash Music hosts London based club nights aimed at an affluent and music savvy audience that loves techno, house and electro. In 2014, Unleash commissioned ELX Art to source a team of artists to redefine their visual identity and brand, design a new website and create some visual art experiences for their events.

Features of Project

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Animation
  • Logo design
  • Typography

Unleash needed a new branding that was as upbeat and cool as they are and we were happy to oblige. The team of artists and designers that ELX Art grouped together is testament to their talent, and the vibrancy of their artistic collaboration truly unleashed (ahem) the project's full potiential.

Felicia Gutmans, ELX Art

Challenge: Create a new aesthetic for a hip club brand which could be translated onto several different platforms- website, logo and animations for their DJ sets.

Epiphany: Bringing together an eclectic range of ELX Artists to put their varies skills to best use, resulting in a multi-faceted project with one striking outcome.

Output: Christopher Hsueh and Yu Hsiang Chen took charge of the web design and new logo configuration, whereas Joelle Deroy and Will Gallia combined their talents to create a striking video animation for Unleash’s events.

Outcome: A new visual identity with vibrant colours, bold shapes, original animations and a fresh take on how to visually populate the nightclub scene today.