Withurst Park X Jacob Wolff

Withurst Park is a country house in Sussex belonging entrepreneur Richard Taylor and designer Rick Englert. A truly Anglo-American project, the house was built in 1999 in the neo-Jacobean style and stands today as a regional centre of patronage to arts and culture, holding an annual Withurst Part Art Fair in September and commissioning various other works throughout the year.

Jacob is an ELX artist who specialises in creating beautiful graphic works, made of spray paint on glass.

Project Outcome

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Instillation

We were very pleased with the fusion of fine art and the natural work which resulted from the collaboration. Thanks to ELX Art for sourcing such a creative and talented artist!

Whithurst Park

Challenge: The Withurst Park establishment are great lovers of art, architecture and the natural environment. ELX was commissioned to find an artist who could translate these three great loves into a single work of art, which both fit in with the stately character of the house and grounds and its modern feel.

Epiphany: Jacob Wolff’s artworks present dynamic graphic visuals on beautiful glass foundations. As such, they provide a malleable platform from which to create an instillation to compliment the principles of Withurst Park.

Output: The most Brisith of buildings: a humble greenhouse, elevated to a pieceof fine art, with all the glass panels were handmade by Jacob, whose palettes of greens recalled the surrounding nature.

Outcome: A truly immersive installation that complied with the ideals of Withurst Park. The glass greenhouse let light in, to make experiencing the work similar to experiencing the natural world in its purest, densest form. The collaboration led to ELX Artists also participating in Withurst Park’s annual art fair, to great critical acclaim.