Art Exchange

Held over three days in September 2016, Art Exchange was an event aimed at unlocking the art world for businesses. Including an exhibition of more than 20 international artists, talks and an art game fresh from New York, ELX Art broke down the divide between artists and businesses to create a truly integrated program.


  • Art and Technology

moderated by Jean-Baptiste Leroux, with Ayelet Elstein, Francois Mazoudier and Mark Westall as guest speakers

  • The Artist as Consultant

moderated by Joelle Deroy, with Eric de Bettignies as guest speaker

  • How to Create Coincidences

moderated by Joelle Deroy, with Xavier Roux as guest speaker

  • The Connected Culture

moderated by Peter Hopkins, with Joelle Deroy, Jean-Baptiste Leroux and Gareb Shamus as guest speakers)

  • 21st Century Patronage

moderated by Jean-Baptist Leroux, with Rene Gonzalez, Wendy Long and Jacob Wolff as guest speakers

  • Citydrift: Drift, Data, Discuss

moderated by Peter Hopkins

[Art Exchange showed] how art can help companies and individuals adapt and prosper, in our rapidly changing and increasingly tech-driven world.

Mark Westall, FAD Magazine

Challenge: Bridging the perceived divide between artists and businesses.

Epiphany: Creating an environment where art, enterprise and tech merge to form a collaborative whole, through discussion, observation and experience.

Output: ELX Art paired up with Driving Change with Art and New York Artist Peter Hopkins to source a range of artists, artworks and individuals that can bring the above principles together.

Outcome: An event over three days with an exhibition and sale of more than 20 international artists, talks and debates, a lunch discussion and an art game.