About Joelle

Joelle, a french painter and watercolorist, was born in Texas and has lived in ParisĀ and New York. She is now London-based but continues to have strong ties with New York and its vibrant art scene.

Artists Skills

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Digital art
  • Photography

Joelle's complex and almost other-worldly artworks subvert our ordinary perception of the world around us, making for a powerful visual experience.

Felicia Gutmans, ELX Art

For Joelle artworks allow the viewer to better grasp his or her own “reality or essence”. Art, she suggests, not only reminds us that we are here but, in our reading and understanding of the work, reflects our own eye, to remind us of who we are

Though a great lover of watercolours, Joelle works with a variety of media that she alters depending on the project. She enjoys creating empathetic artworks that are unique to the individual comissioner. In 2012, Joelle founded Driving Change with ArtĀ®, a netweork which helps companies drive and communite their development through creative means.