TMRW Tech Hub

ELX and the Croydon tech hub TMRW engaged in a collaborative partnership in the summer of 2016. This included commissioning an animated logo from ELX artist Will Gallia, and sourcing some artworks from other ELX artists for their opening night event.


  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design

ELX Art has been very efficient in sourcing great artists and works that correspond to our image and the atmosphere we are trying to achieve in our workspace. Would highly recommend!

Francois Mazoudier, CEO of TMRW Tech Hub

Challenge: Create a dynamic and tech-oriented aesthetic for South London’s largest tech hub, TMRW.

Epiphany: The essence of a co-working space is the coming together of different talents so the art needed to reflect this multiplicity.

Output: We created and supplied different artworks for the opening night. Will Gallia, “A programmer living somewhere between Art and Technology” was perfect for animating the logo at the entrance. Jacob Wolff, Rene Gonzalez and Joshua Freddie Vaughn supplied stunning works to fit the forward-thinking atmosphere and technology-focused outlook of the firm.

Outcome: 6 works that truly fits with the space’s concept and ethos – fresh, dynamic and high-tech.